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Three online DSLRs Canon consumers (  EOS 60D , 7D , T2i ) share a number of features and characteristics of similar tests . As well as the image sensor that is very similar , and all with 18 megapixels , as the image quality and ISO performance of the three cameras will be nearly identical and have the ability to shoot high quality , so why choose . EOS 60D 3.0-Inch to T2i ( 550D ) or 7D ?

- External buttons and controls : Greater ease and control of evolution. Camera Settings When working with the T2i Canon EOS 60D 3.0-Inch almost be sure to check out the camera and the rear dial and LCD display on the top , not the T2i all other controls on who can access it. easily with the Q key and the menu and other on-screen menus , the Back button at the top of the 60D set only one setting each , so this is less complicated than the control buttons multiple BM 7D Canon 7D removed . and 50D have , but it's not a big deal - use the Q changes is that most of the controls have been moved from the thumb joystick like the 7D and 50D and placed in the center of the rear control dial . This does not change the way it works and it should be a matter of getting used to the difference .

- Menu and customized for greater control over customizing how the camera to the Canon EOS 60D 3.0-Inch Zoom Lens has many more features and menu settings that T2i close and personal functions . Regarding the 7D these parameters. Allows you to customize the functionality and control of the 60D to work like you. Do you want things like Illuminations is set to increase . Lens Peripheral ( fixed dark corners ) and customizing which button does what .

AF: Canon EOS 60D 3.0-Inch AF system similar to the T2i and 50D previous actions with 9 points of discussion three autofocus, but the new focal point of the 60D is more sensitive than the T2i : all are cross-type in the 60D. only the center is cross-type in the T2i 60D autofocus system is much less complex than the sophisticated AF 7D AF with 19 points and added a system to extend the area and focus on the methods developed - not to mention the settings for custom . 7D allow one to customize how the AF system , but if you're not a sports photographer , wildlife enthusiast or filming people who understand the need and ' use of complex functions of the 7D AF then this should not discourage you. 60D

- Canon EOS 60D Size: The three cameras all share the latest 63-zone metering system and four metering modes means . Everyone gets a reality check as well and allows you to capture images that touch the most accurate in all circumstances , including the background light is the size of the measuring area is partial and various commercials . The small camera, but it is not what is important .

- ISO : Since the EOS 60D shares a very similar sensor with the other two cameras , the ISO sensitivity and performance. With high ISO settings is virtually the same , but do not take my word for it , do not be swayed by pixel peepers on forums, instead check out the DxOMark test to detect the camera in this review.

Continuous shooting while the Canon EOS 60D 3.0-Inch can shoot at 8 frames per second that the dominant 7D , you can shoot . A respectable 5.3 frames per second. Which is generally a more useful rate and higher than the T2i rate of 3 frames per second rate .

Dimensions and weight: 60D is larger and heavier than the T2i but smaller and lighter than the 7D, it is a good size , weight, feel and design that should be comfortable for most users .

60 has relatively strong construction of aluminum and polycarbonate. It is built better T2i but not as strong as the frame of magnesium alloy 7D 60D also has a certain amount of holding time - most of the T2i , less than the 7D , but for the majority of users , including those using the camera . daily or in travel situations , the construction of the 60D is more than enough, strong enough, tough enough and enough weather.

Behind the articulated LCD screen : Canon EOS 60D 3.0-Inch DSLR , Canon is the only one currently available . This useful feature can be useful. Video Services and composition, while the camera is . On a tripod , for macro use , or for use by prospects as unusually high or low. Electronic visible in the viewfinder , rear LCD , or top LCD .

- Viewfinder: EOS 60D has a large, bright viewfinder with 96% coverage of the actual resulting image , a tiny bit better than the T2i , but not quite as good as the views of nearly 100% 7D.

- Wireless Flash : Like the 7D , the 60D incorporates wireless flash trigger enables more flash power than the T2i does not have this feature.

Battery: 60D high compared to starch , T2i , thus allowing longer periods of shooting longer before having to recharge the battery Canon EOS 60 LP- E6 as the 7D , which is a great feature . This is a battery that can often be the first day of shooting .

- Processor: EOS 60D 3.0-Inch shares the same DIGIC 4 processor , the DIGIC 4 T2i 7D , but for the general partner , or even the most demanding requirements . Imaging a single processor is more than enough.

- Memory Card : 60D use the SD memory card as 7D T2i does not affect anything , except perhaps your collection of CF cards.

Properties for further processing : 60D has added features such as filtering , creativity ( toy camera effects change ) , and the ability to process files inside ( Image Processing RAW image resizing) than the other two cameras are not . is not important for these operations often the process easier in the computer.

- Lack of AF Micro: Many people are disappointed that the 60D does not include the ability to micro- adjust the focus so that each lens is completely accurate, but if you have trouble focusing a camera and / or purpose of the your cannon while the subject . under warranty, and ask them to adjust the T2i 7D has this feature.

- The lock mode to call : This is a feature . New Canon DSLR , which allows the mode accidentally touching only in 60D.

Full HD video : Of course, the 60D has full HD video , as well as the other two boxes .

- Note Strobists : 60D does not have a PC sync flash socket to connect the sync cable 7D T2i does not have this .

- Canon EOS 60D 3.0-Inch Ease of use : While beginners may find all the controls and menus of the DSLR difficult and confusing at first, menu commands, and 60D are all furnished with very smart. and easy for more advanced users , if you want to get up and running with the 60D , fast and efficient , do not forget to check out books in PDF format I created called the 60D your blog " imagine the changes. " or Kindle version : World 60D - photographers guide to the operation and image creation with the Canon EOS 60D , which explains how to configure menu settings and configuration functions and custom explains . how, when and why to use the commands and functions of the 60D in everyday still photography use , including priorities, how to open the shutter , as well as information on exposure to the elements. Depth of Field Basic Setup & Videos will help you get the most out of the 60D.

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Canon EOS 60D 3.0-Inch is an excellent camera for those who want to upgrade rebel online for DSLR users who want to take advantage of advanced features and customization options of the EOS 60D and the time for a first time DSLR buyer to have some knowledge of camera controls or anxious. that is, the size of the durability and features to meet those needs. To be used for both general use and travel , and the image quality and performance is exceptional for a camera at this price .

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Canon EOS 60D 3.0-Inch


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