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Canon PowerShot SX170 IS 16.0 MP Super camera , easily and intuitively understandable , at least after a certain time :-) . Very good entry-level camera , the price and the many operational and functional capabilities are also quite good for young people. Looks good, a reflection similar to that of optics ago , very easy to use. The zoom is great for a unit of this size and price range , of course, limits are set on him, which may be extended by a tripod. Snapshot Pro ! Good sized, practical display . In Smart Auto super successful pictures , videos run well , the battery lasts a long time. The color and picture quality is very good. It does what it should. Really good value for money !

Product Description

Canon PowerShot SX170 IS
All Canon quality in a super -zoom 16x ultra- available

PowerShot SX170 IS with , capturing 16 MP photos and HD video beautifully detailed with ease, and never miss the best moments of your life. This compact digital camera is equipped with a 16x optical zoom and Intelligent Image Stabilizer for , for the results much sharper , even in zoom mode. Wild animals in a zoo, pictures of your loved ones : the PowerShot SX170 , you can approach the subject without disturbing it . It is the ideal travel camera for the whole family .

Key Features:

  • Canon lens with 28mm wide-angle lens with 16x optical zoom
  • 16 million pixels
  • Intelligent Image Stabilizer
  • Large LCD 7.5 cm ( 3 inches) Tips and Tricks
  • Detection of 32 scenes with the Smart Auto mode
  • HD video
  • Fun creative filters
  • Full manual control
  • economic mode
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable

Deepen even further legal action with the 16x optical zoom and 32x Zoom Plus

PowerShot SX170 Get closer to your subjects with 16x optical zoom for clear, crisp images every time . Photographing animals and insects without disturbing them or do a close-up portraits with ease. To get even, you can go up to 32x without visible loss of quality due to Zoom In addition, advanced digital zoom Canon . This provides a digital zoom much higher image quality has made ​​the most conventional cameras come with .

16 million pixels

Canon PowerShot SX170 IS 16.0 MP The 16 megapixel sensor provides detailed , high resolution can be printed in large format (A3 +) or cropped to achieve attainment of the desired composition .

It takes sharp images with Intelligent Image Stabilizer

You do not need a steady hand to create incredibly detailed photos and videos . The image stabilizer Canon PowerShot SX170 cleverly designed automatically chooses the camera shake correction angepasst 7 mode , which allows you to proceed quickly and easily shoot sharp images - even in zoom mode whole or in low light conditions .

LCD 7.5 cm ( 3 inches) Tips and Tricks

The large LCD screen with a wide viewing angle makes framing and high-quality menu navigation and provides more comfort for the visualization of the results. Tips and tricks easy to use interface to help you understand the surgery of the camera and improve your results.

Let the Smart Auto mode to be tough, with Scene Detection Technology

Whatever your level , you can take stunning with the digital camera in Canon PowerShot SX170 IS Smart Auto mode . The Scene Detection Technology automatically selects the most appropriate scene mode from 32 to record every moment exactly as you remember - sunset summer concert of your favorite programs on a stage lit with spotlights group - all with a sharpness, detail and incredible colors .

Capture the moment thanks to the HD video mode

PowerShot SX170 IS Great moments deserve to be seen in HD . Record movies with 720p HD resolution with Canon digital camera to relive your memories in high quality, when you want. In addition, you can immerse yourself in the heart of the action with optical zoom. It can be used while recording, which lets you shoot subjects close and capture it tend to move with ease.

Totally control your shots with the procedures manual and dedicated controls

SX170 Mastering your best shots using the M mode, Av and Tv , and through a series of commands in an ideal location . Change the shutter speed in Tv mode for beautiful still images or take pictures of sports scenes or very fast. Changing the aperture in Av mode and experiment with different depth of field When you do portraits. Or take full control in manual mode M, choose the shutter speed , aperture and sensitivity. Finally, thanks to ergonomic controls outside , you can get instant access to the most important settings and have more control over your images .

Fun creative filters

SX170 Experiment and have fun with a wide range of creative filters . Options include wide angle, to reproduce the effect of a lens effect " fish-eye " and Super Vivid to boost color saturation. Use Miniature Effect when you want to take pictures or video with scenes Characterized by the appearance of the model.

Saving mode , Li-ion battery

Save mode you can reduce battery consumption and allows you to take multiple photos with a single battery charge lithium-ion rechargeable Canon PowerShot SX170 IS

And hear the usability of this device is remarkable. The PowerShot SX170 controls are simple instructions (PDF online only) are as clear and easy to follow and great image. It will not pull an almost perfect dive off the goal line running back with this camera. But overall it was a great day out for all the affordable solution to carry in your pocket every day.

It DSLR camera if you want a high performance, fully-equipped kitchen, you have to spend more money.

The more I use the camera, the more I like it. The autofocus is very fast and the images taken with full zoom is beyond my expectations, much more than the previous Canon PowerShot SX170 IS  point and shoot product.

Canon PowerShot SX170 IS 16.0 MP
Canon PowerShot SX170
PowerShot SX170


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