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This Canon PowerShot ELPH 115 16MP (Blue) is fantastic! It takes amazing pictures and is easy to use, it's small enough , I did not expect that I feared it would be turned on. Of time before I broke or something , but so far it went so well , I did not know that it comes with a cable to connect to your computer, but it's a quick solution . With Journey to the shop!

PowerShot ELPH 115 is a Canon zoom lens with 8x actual performance. Outstanding optical performance and versatility. Mounting high-performance lens with a wide zoom on the camera , so that some might normally be considered an impossible feat , but Canon PowerShot ELPH 115 expert optical engineering has accepted the challenge of developing lenses successfully . stand firmly with motorized zoom and high performance , excellent zoom from 28 mm and extends to 224 mm telephoto ( 35mm equivalent ) , covering a wide range of special remote access gives you the freedom to capture subjects. candidates for long distance , while the 28mm wide-angle makes it easy to shoot sweeping landscapes , large groups of people and tall buildings .

High resolution, high performance advanced .

16.0 -megapixel sensor

Camera ELPH 115  with a resolution of 16.0 megapixels , photos and clear with rich textures and fine details , even in the long term , 8x optical zoom more realistic high resolution is ideal for creating prints. The largest and gives you the ability to jump and crop an image to display. DIGIC 4 Image Processor design of power systems and advanced features of the camera. And ensure fast performance with reliable battery.

DIGIC 4 image processor

Canon PowerShot ELPH 115 DIGIC Image Processors have set the standard for functionality. And the innovative performance since their introduction in 1999 , with each successive generation of DIGIC processors have brought improved performance and new features. Powerful PowerShot digital camera DIGIC 4 Image inaugurated a new level of picture quality and accelerated processing , making possible features such as high-speed continuous shooting , HD video and timer face.

Using smart camera better pictures.

Smart AUTO

Photographers of all levels appreciate a camera - especially a go-anywhere compact digital - that takes the hassle out of capturing beautiful images PowerShot ELPH 115 IS Digital Camera gives Smart Auto - Canon technology . complex that has been fired , simple. Press the shutter button, the scene Smart Auto automatically evaluating several factors, both the background and the scenes detected are analyzed using 32 predefined shooting situations views . The camera will make the necessary adjustments to ensure the best possible image capture when shooting still images Advanced Smart AUTO also check that allows the camera to detect and track objects . does not move - human -like creatures , and intelligent vehicles , automated, all you have to do is frame the image and capture the difference.

Superb HD video from the camera.

720p HD video is excellent.

You can take high-definition videos anytime and anywhere Pocket PowerShot ELPH 115 is a simple push of a button , movie only , you can record 720p HD video movement fly, smooth, shiny and beautiful, lively , making it an ideal way to capture the memories . There is also a special memory . The ability to shoot 720p HD video at 25 frames per second , the PowerShot ELPH 115 IS can shoot 640 x 480 VGA at 30 frames per second * .

Video dedicated video capture button.

It's never been easy to shoot videos with a PowerShot digital camera makes taking pictures spontaneously shoot Canon PowerShot ELPH 115 IS has a dedicated movie button needs . Planning must seek the menu on the LCD screen , not the screen, when you feel the time is best captured in 720p HD , you simply press a button to start recording. The camera is always ready to shoot stills or video whenever you want .

The picture is a beautiful picture

Canon PowerShot ELPH 115 Smart is selected from six different modes to optimize automatically. The image stabilization for the shooting conditions .

It ' easy to capture sharp images with the PowerShot ELPH 115 is stable even in low light conditions without . Use a tripod This is because the camera is equipped with an innovative system of intelligent Canon analysis . The movement of the camera and with the best shake correction for shooting situations - can help. Focused on the frame and capture the image of a sliding system to automatically select between normal slip Macro ( Hybrid ) and Tripod mode when shooting video , the system automatically selects the dynamic Powered , Macro and Tripod . mode, the camera is

Costs until the memory .

The new ECO mode reduces power consumption for battery life

PowerShot ELPH 115 IS energy savings to the next level with the ECO mode , which has more frames per a single charge via the LCD devices and power management in ECO mode can be used for energy conservation is unusable or fire. Although this is too exciting to turn the ECO mode quickly got the camera by pressing the sleep button to not miss a moment of fun with family and friends, working late in the evening ECO mode . in the Canon PowerShot ELPH 115 IS camera that allows .

Canon PowerShot ELPH 115 16MP (Blue)
Canon PowerShot ELPH 115
PowerShot ELPH 115


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