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I am passionate about photography and I kept an eye on the Micro Four Thirds / mirrorless compact / EVIL ( electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens ) for a long period of time, waiting for a good model to come from a great producer . Sony, Olympus and Pentax showed some pretty good models , but I kept my wallet in my pocket until the Big Two ( Canon, Nikon ) have published their models.

Canon EOS M 18.0 MP first came out with the Nikon EOS M, a camera with excellent build quality that begins pretty pictures , but when it was released (July 2012 , I think) , it was expensive (£ 799 compared a decent mid range SLR) and had some problems , including the question of determining the infamous auto-focus , where the camera " is" without end trying to focus an image .

I waited until Nikon has made them out , but their model was disappointing for a number of reasons . The EOS M does not sell well, especially because of the problem of AF (if you think this forum ) and a couple of months ago ( May 2013 ) has dropped the price of the Canon EOS M 18.0 middle, so you can get the body , 18 - Kit 55 mm and Speedlite 90EX for £ 399. And they had an offer of £ 50 off time . For £ 349 , I was in. I had heard rumors that Canon is preparing a firmware update to address the issue of development and was willing to take the risk - £ 349 for a small shop around the camera with lots of features and all the control I needed .

So ... I took delivery of the Canon EOS M 18.0 MP Compact Systems Camera on Monday, flew to Los Angeles on Friday, after downloading the manual from my shelf and frantically learned to use during train journeys in between. I've learned enough to do what I had to do while I was on tour on the west coast , with some minor learning along the way points.

In the first place , Canon EOS M 18.0 Black the quality of construction , as already said, is excellent. I went for the red body is distinctive and elegant (IMO) , with a beautiful gloss lacquer . It feels solid and well built - some have complained about the handle, but I have not had any problems with it so far. Exchange of lenses is a breeze , taking the usual precautions , of course , to prevent dust from entering the body . There is no bigger than most point- and - click cameras, if the 18-55mm lens a bit ' like its stuck on the front seat ( 22 mm fast lens seems much more at home, and is discrete) .

Canon EOS M 18.0 MP The functionality is great - almost all the features of type SLR cameras are here . Aperture and shutter priority , Program AE bracketing (only three frames , unfortunately, but it's better than nothing) , bulb exposures , control, white balance , etc., are all within easy reach. The only disadvantage that comes to mind is the touch screen , which is boring and too sensitive , "" button to change the mode of program is very small, and in spite of the interruption of the home screen and " tap to shoot" options menu , back when you change some of the ways car . It ' very easy to change all settings , aperture, discussion points , exposure compensation, etc. Action Camera simply touch the chest when it is on the shoulder , or even just pick .

I learned to work my way, but it is a bit ' of pain. Additional features more than make up for it , however, there is an excellent HDR mode that takes three photos in rapid succession ( at different exposures) and self- aligns and merges to a large balanced, full of punch. You really need if you want to shoot high contrast scenes , but it works amazingly well with no ghosting. Of course, you can also use bracketing with a tripod and multiple post-processing to make your HDR images with multiple exposures of control, but the ' haute couture in HDR Canon lets you take HDR images Super -hand the life of the battery is not so great - .! Canon EOS M 18.0 Fully charge lasts just one day ( a few hundred photos ) battery , so you will definitely need to take a package of charger and AC adapter if you're in the field or on the road .

Canon EOS M 18.0 The quality of the images - it is beautiful . Like a mid-range APS - C DSLR with a lens pretty decent, which is perhaps not surprising given that the functions of the EOS M ... APS - C (18 megapixels). I always take in RAW mode for more control, but also evidence JPG I was producing excellent crisp, full of color and life , without blurring associated to terms . Low light performance is KO - you can take very good pictures indoors under artificial light , handheld ( at higher ISO settings , of course) .

EOS M 18.0 the sound is very handy and easy to remove in Lightroom or whatever you use for treatment. One thing I've noticed is that there is always some noise in the blue channel when shooting in RAW mode , even at ISO 100, but it is common to almost all digital cameras and yet you can easily beat . One thing to remember on the lenses ( I have the kit lens 18-55mm and 22 mm f2 ) , is that they are subject to very heavy vignetting, there are functions behind closed doors to reduce this , but it is better to address through the lens correction plugin in your internal treatment .

Finally, for the main part of this review, Canon has just ( as of 27 June 2013) has published an updated firmware , ie v2.0.2 , which addresses the issue of automatic focus , and the guy has a great difference! I installed yesterday and autofocus improved greatly , with no single point of contrast to research that has used it. This is faster than two cats now , and the update has made me very happy overall with the EOS M 18.0 .

Product Description

A new attitude to photography for those who enjoy the beauty of the everyday

An 18-megapixel interchangeable-lens compact system camera small enough to take anywhere. Enjoy simple creative controls and superb low-light performance for stunning images.

Compact design. Superb image quality

Capture images that are packed with clarity and colour and can be printed at sizes up to A2 in amazing detail. An APS-C sized 18-megapixel sensor is of the same dimensions as those used in EOS DSLRs, and offers the same superb image quality.

The right settings every time

As you compose a photograph with the EOS M 18.0, the camera's Scene Intelligent Auto technology analyses the subject too, evaluating colour, brightness, movement and even detecting the presence of people. This information is used to pick the most appropriate camera settings, giving you the best possible results.

The freedom to express yourself

An EOS that delivers the power of a DSLR in the compact body of a camera you can take everywhere. Change your EF-M lens and change your point of view, and enjoy the support of the EF and EF-S lens range too with an optional mount adaptor EF-EOS M.

Creativity the easy way

Create beautiful images, using smooth out-of-focus backgrounds for a professional look with impact. Achieve advanced creative effects quickly and simply with easy-to-use controls.

Easy to use. Great results

Easy to use, so you'll always be ready to express yourself. A touch-sensitive 7.7cm (3") Clear View II LCD screen offers intuitive control over menu functions, and the ability to focus and shoot with a single tap.

Advantages :

Excellent image quality
Excellent build quality - solid magnesium alloy housing , reliable
Operating costs for the adventure photographer
Bargain at £ 349 with on 18 - 55 mm kit and flash


Touchscreen is sensitive
Limited number of objectives dedicated ( but you can use an adapter and use a more regular SLR lenses Canon )
The battery life is not great

Thanks to lower prices and cashback offers ( yet ? ) , You can enter this great Canon EOS M 18.0 MP Camera at a very reasonable price, and after the ' firmware update that solves the problem of the factory auto focus , which is a huge market. And ' likely that you will be able to obtain a mirrorless camera of this quality at this price again as Canon is unlikely to reduce the price of all future models of 50% during the night , so I recommend entering with force stocks ( Is unlikely to last very long )

Canon EOS M 18.0 MP Compact Systems Camera
Canon EOS M 18.0 MP
EOS M 18.0 MP


Canon PowerShot S120 is a pocket camera with a metal body and rubber thumb on the back of the tables. In the rest of the lens Control Ring allows. Quickly adjust zoom, aperture, shutter speed, focus or ISO - a key ring to select the touch screen of 3.0 inches is a good size with a resolution of 922K Points impressive, and it is ideal for. Choosing your focal point pop-up flash is activated, the switch on the side of the camera.

The Canon PowerShot S120 1080p top of the camera with the mode dial, the on / off button, zoom rocker and the shutter on the back, including the playback menu, and save the movie also D-pad with function keys / sets. intermediate wheel D-pad also allows access to exposure compensation, macro and flash exposure compensation when in the game to allow free Wi-Fi.

PowerShot S120 has an easy menu system - change image settings, press the Options softkey here, including white balance, metering mode and drive with the available options. Depending on which mode you are. The rest of the settings are available via the menu button.

Canon PowerShot S120 1080p Wi-Fi is easy to install, just put the disc and press the Wi-Fi network, just follow the instructions on the screen. Connect the camera to a camera phone or PC, for example, if you connect to a smartphone / tablet, be sure to install the free application before connecting.

The battery is rated at a disappointing 200 on the test set, we made a lot of pictures to test the response of the group is the first shot fired emphasis on speed and we take multiple shots and use. means to ensure that the tests are reliable and consistent, making it easier to compare with other devices.

Product Description

Canon PowerShot S120 digital compact camera with built in Wi-Fi is an advanced point and shoot camera 12.1-megapixel 1/1.7 "high-sensitivity CMOS and DIGIC image processing.'re Partners. In the Canon HS system, which improves image quality by reducing image noise, light rail and increase the overall contrast.

The processor has a range of activities related to radar and high-speed AF system for sharp images in a variety of treatments. Conditions shooting 5x optical zoom Canon 35 mm equivalent focal range of 24-120 mm wide-angle lens that covers the period from the point of view of the telescope lens.

PowerShot S120 1080p to monitor for viewing and menu navigation, 3.0-inch LCD screen, touch screen, large-scale installations to navigate with the touch screen interface is clear and easy to use display. How to control the camera with the touch AF, press the other specific ideal to take. Video recording

The size and weight of the RX100 in S120 is really no contest: S120-S120 I put in a pair of khaki pants and sit in a meeting or walk all day without worries RX100 curse felt too heavy, and c 'is a tube lens . great forward projection is annoying to get in and out of the pocket. S120 is a simple pocket camera I get.

The PowerShot S120 build quality wise nor feel like a finely crafted. S120 will remind you of the other point and shoot and ended up as something that I would have felt good about putting into a bag with the RX100 feels cameras. This kind of surgical instruments, some of which I mean that in the best - but I feel like laying on the desk of the damage. Office or can be completed in a very strange thing is S120 feels good in the hand and has a stature for some, but not bad RX100 feel less consistent, but in a sense, I feel like I'm past it was more than life. - It is just waiting for the opportunity to overthrow the guts S120 expected to hit small or in part without end tumbling.

Canon PowerShot S120 Costs - even if the money is not involved in most of the photography geek when it comes to "big picture" I do not understand why Sony is better than the "why" is in other parts of the review here, so I will not. enter, can not say I have a budget for the perfect shot and my $ 1000 and now I have $ 550 to spend on other things.

Software Canon PowerShot S120 - I left because I think this is where Canon is also a bias in what I suspect there is a difference in a new Rx -100 (M2), while perhaps not relevant. S120 user interface and fast RX -100 also very effective in comparison. A little 'slow (at least for me) I never felt like I did. Quickly to get the setting you want without forcing some customization is not seen or inconvenient to use, but the Sony, it was as if he beats me sometimes, when I change something then. find

I was very impressed with the starting price of PowerShot S120 is fairly high, and I have argued that S110 and save $ 100, but at the end. I decided that I would replace the use of my digital SLR camera in many situations, it is worth paying a little 'more for S120 compact sensor 1/1.7 "imaging speed F1.8 lens quickly. Features and the camera focuses on fire a digital SLR (such as RAW and selection of the ring) I was really hooked.

Canon PowerShot S120 S110 is the constant of last year with an opening slightly faster. Continuous shooting quicker and this high resolution screen might not be enough for groped the owner of the S110, but the movement of the stars have something unique and the results obtained. During the test, it is very impressive

PowerShot S120 there are some problems with the battery, which has a rating. Given a 200 photos and you might see a reduction when using Wi-Fi to share photos S120 also lacks GPS, but the battery life, you may need to avoid using anyway - you can use a chip. The phone instead of a GPS.

Overall, Canon PowerShot S120 1080p packs a lot of features. And small premium camera FREE Shipping and are happy to recommend.

Canon PowerShot S120 1080p
PowerShot S120 1080p
PowerShot S120


I have a Canon 550D for about 3 years, I was in a local camera club and I learned a reasonable amount of photography in the Canon EOS 70D is a great camera in all directions. I've had it for about 3 weeks and finally the custom function for my taste. (Such as the development of the back button continues to put my menu function, wireless, etc.) very customizable, so you can adjust the focus and exposure locks to be the opposite, though. If you want to

I have my problems with the kit 18-55mm, while only the body. But the same price I have to say that the new 18-55mm kit is lighter than the old precepts of three years, the engine STM that may come in handy if I ever get a flat lens. But for now I have changed for the Canon 15-85 mm, which has a good balance when paired with the 70D 70-200 mm, 100-400 mm lens feels good and also the balance. This is too much fat in my hands rather than Canon EOS 70D 20.2 MP. But I have small hands and I like the 550D because it is so small.

I have not used many contacts screed. But also the opportunity to get back to us and take pictures of the earth. It 'nice to not have to sleep on the floor. The response of the touch screen and pinch to zoom is useful for monitoring other priorities.

Product Details

Capture the moment seven images per second.

EOS 70D  Capture the beautiful moments in pictures and videos Full-HD EOS 70D with 7 fps high-performance (frames per second) to take 19-point AF system and full resolution technology Dual-pixel Canon CMOS AF.

Key Features

20.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 +.
19 cross-type AF system and 7fps shooting.
Dual AF CMOS Camera
Instant sharing and remote control with free Wi-Fi.
ISO 12800 (H: 25600).
Touch the LCD screen to 7.7 cm swivel ClearView II.
Intelligent Viewfinder
Full-HD video
20.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 +.

The EOS 70D combines a 20.2-megapixel sensor APS-C CMOS high-performance DIGIC 5 + processors provide powerful 14-bit image, which is rich with detail and clarity. Colours are reproduced as faithfully as the muted tones and natural.

Action Shooting 

Catch the action super fast, like sports or wildlife is easy with 7fps full resolution shooting, cross-type continuous and highly efficient system of 19 AF points, which with high precision response. and the precision of capturing the moment with high-quality images.

Dual AF CMOS Camera

The technology Canon EOS 70D CMOS pixel AF tracking ensures smooth and fast autofocus while shooting. Each pixel contains two photodiodes can be read individually or together for auto focus to capture.

Sharing Wi-Fi and control.

Move away from other perspectives to connect and control the Canon EOS 70D 20.2 MP using your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. The images can be inspected and transferred wirelessly and instantly shared with family and friends.

A powerful performance in low light conditions.

When light levels fall, the EOS 70D 20.2 MP allows the practice, has a range of up to ISO 12800 - expandable to 25600 - so you can capture a great phone in low light conditions without a flash.

Canon EOS 70D 20.2 MP WiFi took a while 'to play with the settings. I did not get it set up on your home network. But also be paired with both my iPad and iPhone can not do both at the same time. You basically install a camera in a wireless network to a network with an iPad or iPhone into it (before using the applications connecting EOS) Now I have two parameters are stored in the camera and just switch between the two depending on if I want to connect to the iPad or iPhone as a remote shutter simple. But the main advantage for me is the direct download photos to my iPad and from there to my home network and uploaded to the cloud. View photos on the iPad is much more to download from the camera, then select a single click.

For the ability of the Canon EOS 70D. Compared to the 550D leaps and bounds ahead of the AF is much faster and the track is really impressive. Improvements, the most notable is capable of ISO, I would say that in 1600 the 550D is about the same as 6400 or even 12800 70D comparing its 2 or 3 stops better than the DIGIC 5 really is. Good thing I do not know how it compares with the 7D, but I think better.

Canon EOS 70D 20.2 MP My only disappointment is the shooting mode to silent. One option that you scroll through the options shutter is activated once are quietly continuing silence. Obviously having a damping effect of the glass product. But I did not! I would say that 20% of the silent shutter clicks as normal. Silent and continued to take the garbage down fast 3fps 7fps best in silence, I really want to work for nature photography. But it will not be good, I can tell you now.

I Still Give it 5 Stars And Free Shipping.

Canon PowerShot SX500 Unique selling points of this device will be able to remain compact while the excellent blend created to zoom past a bridge near the size and price of the camera. Entry level DSLR, it means they are large and heavy, and the only real advantage is that the pockets of the increase of the lens is not necessary.

The optical zoom Canon PowerShot SX500 3.0-Inch has been preserved, but the size of the device that has been massively reduced, it is now closer to the small average size of the target with a large front ish quality. The zoom has not been reduced to - in fact, I dare say. Get updates In addition, optical zoom can be extended x120 X30 uses a digital zoom for the other devices I've used in the past, the digital zoom. It is also useful if you do not use traditional tripods, the two will blur the image too much or have a lot of noise.

To prove this PowerShot SX500, I braved the camera. The challenge is this: I will be able to. Take a photo of a standard format for text in a magazine (Zoo World, if you're interested!) In the light of four meters and a digital zoom X120 conditions? The answer is yes, with a little 'of sounds and colors have been slightly disturbed, but given the problems I was very impressed, I do not see the message on the page. To the naked eye!

Canon PowerShot SX500 As I said, the main strength of this device is the ability to remain small, while maintaining a zoom excellent, if a compromise, something had to be done to continue to be. is available on a budget camera is more important than the number of scene modes is relatively limited compared to other devices on the market right now, so if there is snow (which in the time of writing, I do), or fireworks' artifice. choice but to shoot in automatic mode, that said, this is not really a problem for most people is that this device is intended. In fact, I just tend. Change the settings and scene modes on the camera, DSLR camera, another automatically. It's good enough for the situation.

While the number of scene modes is rather limited, it is still possible to adjust many other parameters through the use of a full manual mode, shooting, and aperture priority. But you also never be forgiven for thinking that they are not the first glance that Canon PowerShot SX500 3.0-Inch has called for TV and AV mode, S and W.

PowerShot SX500 One last point I would mention is the battery, I have the 'unit in October 2012 and I used it on and off for the length of time (six months), I have to recharge the battery once and it was. 2 bars still showing much more impressive that the camera I just try to have a battery life of weeks, but are used more.

Product Description

Easy to use, ultra-portable 30x zoom camera is ideal for capturing all family occasions.


  • 30x zoom with 24 mm wide-mini - body with 60x Ultra Zoom ZoomPlus. 
  • 16 Megapixels for detailed images and poster-size prints. 
  • Optical image stabilization system that creativity is strong and the movie continues. 
  • Large 7.5 cm (3.0 ") LCD (460K), with tips and advice. 
  • Smart Auto detects 32 scenes (21 in movies) in a point and shoot simplicity. 
  • High-definition movies with ease (720p) with stereo sound film, zoom and HDMI button. 
  • Offer assistance to help research subjects in higher zoom. 
  • Fun Creative Filters including small and toy room. 
  • Expand your creative talents in manual shooting mode. 
  • Faced with a check for pictures of people. 

Compact design and advanced features 

PowerShot SX500 3.0-lnch IS 16 megapixel 30x zoom encloses a body of high-quality Mini Ultra Zoom, intuitive intelligence can take pictures and movies constantly, no matter how much you zoom in time to come. Smart Auto detects the shooting situation and automatically. Adjust the settings for the most suitable for the pleasure to shoot with creative effects filters that different modalities can add still images and movies instantly to explore the creative side of you and give you a picture. single

Powerful Zoom, is Smaller.

Economics holiday with his family to take a special day, an optical zoom, it's easy to capture every moment, even when you can not. It was close to the action that you want to use the experience of the design of the Canon lens is equipped with a newly developed wide-angle 30x optical zoom compact enough to enter the body of travel is 24 mm. friendly

To get closer to the subject ZoomPlus Canon 3.0-Inch digital technologies expand to 60x zoom lens to provide on-site support to assist with the use of access. Zoom allows you to magnify powerful full-press and move the subject before the zoom as you release the button to shoot.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this Canon PowerShot SX500 3.0-Inch  little device, so it can be the most versatile. It comes with the most options. And settings are available, but many people think that the most important thing on the quality of the image (and all cameras can understand immediately) is the ability to zoom and the majority of other features. It 's just nice to haves, so I can not find fault with the way it works and at the end of the day, if I am in a very specific use any type of situation. special features, I would not take what is, to all intents and purposes a budget.

I took it right out of the box and immediately SX500. The battery has been charged, I started taking pictures of close-ups and photos Bluebird 30X through my basement window without parameters the camera with the 'exception of the programming time, and time schedule ... Cars ... and pure. I was surprised by the quality of the photos I just Amazon that allowed me to download a couple of them to show that you do not need to be this kind of any expert or even photo-quality experience. simply amazing with this camera

For someone who is not a professional photographer, I see no reason to buy a Canon PowerShot SX500 3.0-Inch when you can get a point and shoot that has done a good job 30 zoom and 16MP is more than enough for the casual photographer the battery lasts up to about 200. 3 photos and a short video before adding, I just buy an extra battery.

Action So I will not lose any important pictures because of the camera's battery does not come with a lens cap that is attached to the camera with wire to prevent the loss, I was surprised to see that the cover does not say why. lens cap with this camera, I recommend this camera to anyone looking.Important and Free Shipping. Quality photos and videos with ease of use.

Canon PowerShot SX500 3.0-Inch Free Shipping
Canon PowerShot SX500
PowerShot SX500 3.0-Inch

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I have a Canon 5D Mark 2 professional camera with lens filters flash and everything, but I need a small camera to ride my bike for the incident. After some research , I opted for the Canon PowerShot SX510 HS , I'm glad I was not the weekend I took over 300 photos and I am very happy with this camera , I was really surprised at how small it was , but it takes a good picture 12 MEG for the price , I can not imagine using anything else.

Product Description

PowerShot SX510 HS 30x optical zoom to 60x wide ZoomPlus with the HS Canon image stabilizer and smart to get incredibly close to your subject and still high quality movies or full of atmosphere. at any time , day or night, even with the maximum zoom . Ideal for adventure with a full high-definition video recording . And the Wi-Fi connectivity , so you can seize the opportunities of high quality for all and to share these moments . Easily mini - bridge is perfect if you want to do with the body of the zoom DSLR- style , but more compact and portable.

Key Features .

Mini Camera 30x ultra -zoom with 24 mm wide-angle lens
HS System : 12.1 MP CMOS sensor , DIGIC 4.
Genius is updated dynamically.
* Wi-Fi , GPS via a cell phone .
Full HD , HDMI .
The large 7.5 cm ( 3.0 ") LCD .
Smart Auto detects 32 scenes .
Zoom Framing Assist .
Full manual control .

Get closer with 30x optical zoom and 60x ZoomPlus .

Approach the subject with 30x optical zoom , while all animals shoots and insects without disturbing them clear and definite end or close easily if you want to enlarge . Better than a huge 30x zoom you can get up to 60x with ZoomPlus - one of the highest possible zoom in Canon Compact Digital Camera Canon Digital Zoom ZoomPlus how advanced technology . To help you. Twice the zoom range of your loss . Unable to see the quality .

Enjoy great pictures in low light using HS .

PowerShot SX510 HS Capture the atmosphere of nature scenes with less noise and clear detail , even in low light conditions over a wide range of vertical movement or night without worry. About the ' use of flash or camera stabilization .

Sharper picture with genius.

You do not need a steady hand to create a profile. Impressive and video systems , intelligent stabilizer Canon will choose to fix the flickering that most of the seventh mode allows you to capture clear images quickly and easily - even when shooting with telephoto or in low light.

Wi -Fi, GPS via a cell phone .

Canon PowerShot SX510 HS Wi - Fi lets you easily connect with . Home wireless network , printers and compatible computers , including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for sharing images quick and online backup for smartphones GPS to tag the photo. position using Wi - Fi .

Features Full HD.

Capable of recording Full HD movies (1080p) with stereo sound and optical zoom , with a push of a button, save the movie to be made day to compensate for the efficient dynamic movement of the soundtrack of the smoothing effect when taking. move

7.5 cm (3.0 ") LCD .

SX510 HS Large LCD display high quality image and wide viewing angle allows for easy framing and menu efforts. Revision satisfaction and tricks to play on easy. To help you understand your camera and improve. Your Results .

Smart Auto with Scene Detection that will work hard for you.

Level shoot anything that can shoot digital camera PowerShot SX510 thanks to their amazing scene Smart Auto followed to select the most appropriate of 32 seats to capture the moment . exactly as you all remember - the sun in the summer, your favorite band on stage, a spotlight - all the details are stunning clarity and color.

Never lose track of an object that is a lot more to offer assistance for the car.

Canon PowerShot SX510 HS It can be difficult to keep track of the distance when taking zoom , zoom framework of exclusive Canon Assist function helps . Zoom in quickly and move your story before returning to zoom in to take a photo , simply press and release the button or let the camera do all the hard work and switch to automatic mode and face tracking . and automatically zoom in or out, allowing you to concentrate on framing the subject.

Filter the creative pleasure .

Experiment and have fun with a range of creative filters . Options include the ability to create a fish-eye lens of fish and Super Vivid to boost color saturation with slide, or thumbnail movie to make the scenes look like a small module .

Take control of your image with the ' use and control , in particular.

Canon PowerShot SX510 HS Take greater control of your image by using Av mode and M , a TV series with controls situated conveniently change the shutter speed in TV mode to capture picture-perfect gel . Fast action sports or opening in Av mode to experiment with different depth of field for portraits or self- control . It comes with the M mode to set the shutter speed, aperture and ISO on your external control for this to work , you will have immediate access. To make adjustments. The most important and more control over your images .

I love this device , you can easily use the screen , auto focus , 3 " 30x telephoto. Interest . Whether you can share with your friends easily integrated with CMOS 12.1 WiFi is enough for the stage. Foundation , it is possible to adjust the ' option or automatic fire.

If you want a picture I highly recommend this Canon PowerShot SX510 HS , and I like the way Free Shipping Amazon offers home delivery . Impressive service .

Cheap Canon PowerShot SX510 HS 12.1 MP Free Shipping
Canon PowerShot SX510 HS
PowerShot SX510 HS

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After I tried it with a digital camera from Nikon and Casio and with the result ( especially in areas with poor lighting conditions ) was only partially satisfied in the long run , I tried the " Canon PowerShot SX160 IS digital camera."

The camera comes with a camera arm sling , 2 batteries (which certainly has its advantages , because with my Nikon the supplied battery has not been particularly convincing and a spare battery can be quickly quite expensive ), a Hi-Speed ​​USB cable and the camera software on CD therefore . The Canon has a stable and high quality , fits comfortably in the hand and is succeeded by her design .

The work with the Canon PowerShot SX160 is very easy and self-explanatory. Shutter button and zoom are at the top right , as well as the dial to the various programs to control separately , the camera has to offer. Here also the auto setting provides good and convincing results so that beginners do not have to play around yourself which program is best suited to which situation . This Scene Auto is for me the plus points of the " Canon PowerShot SX160 IS digital camera." Since I do a lot of pictures at events , I rarely make the time in advance the appropriate setting , especially if the lighting conditions change . Therefore, it is very pleasant that the camera chooses the appropriate settings itself .

Very pleasant was the lightning that can be folded manually. In this way, at least this will not automatically activated, which can be quite annoying to other cameras in the long run .

The 16- times optical zoom is very good and makes itself at great distances still good , sharp images without blurring them. Here , the image stabilizer works perfectly. The zoom itself is not very loud and works great with no stuttering . Even in low light or at night can achieve good results .

A look at the manual PowerShot SX160 you should only risk as a complete beginner , people who have already worked with digital cameras will find their way quickly into the menu because most of it is self-explanatory. Here you will find a number of ways to influence the quality of the images. I have particularly fond of this fish-eye effect and monochrome options .

Product Description

Canon PowerShot SX160 quality and 16x super zoom: so simple that the whole family enjoys it .

  1. Canon 28mm wide- angle lens with 16x optical zoom in a compact body . 32x zoom with Zoom Plus
  2. 16 Megapixels for detailed shots and poster-size prints Photo
  3. Optical Image Stabilizer ( Image Stabilizer) with Intelligent IS for crisp photos and movies verwacklungsarme
  4. Large 7.5 cm (3.0 inch) LCD with hints and tips
  5. Simply point point and shoot : Smart Auto , the intelligent auto mode recognizes 32 shooting situations (21 situations in movie mode)
  6. Simply playing HD movies (720p ) record : with Stereotonton , movie button optical zoom and HDMI
  7. Creative shooting modes including Miniature and Toy Camera Effect
  8. Manual recording modes for full manual control
  9. iFrame movie (720p )
  10. Powered by AA batteries
  11. For the whole family

For those who like to take pictures absolutely straightforward , the compact PowerShot SX160 IS is recommended with an impressive 16x optical zoom . So the beautiful moments of life are held , even from a distance. Intelligent IS minimized with photos and movies even at full zoom the camera shake performance . Smart Auto , the intelligent auto mode , detects the shooting situation and automatically takes the best picture settings. Many interesting creative filters ensure the comfort of attractive images and movie clips with amazing effects .

Small Camera - Rich Zoom

Family holiday or special day , the Canon PowerShot SX160 IS is the perfect companion when it comes to excellent recordings beautiful moments. The immense power zoom predestined for the cameras to zoom in on distant subjects very close . The PowerShot SX160 IS is an affordable and easy -to-use camera with a new, specially designed lens. The 28 -millimeter wide-angle lens with 16x optical zoom makes the camera the ideal versatile super-zoom model for many snapshots - from group shots on children's birthdays , to close-ups of distant animals in the zoo.

Still get closer to your subject , it goes with the innovative Canon Zoom Plus technology, which extends the optical zoom digital. Zoom Plus the PowerShot SX160 IS achieves up to 32x zoom power .

Picture Perfect In The Perfect Moment

The Canon PowerShot SX160 IS offers many clever imaging technologies , a high performance potential for excellent , crystal - clear shots . Your new 16 megapixel sensor ensures impressive brilliant images with vibrant colors. The Canon DIGIC 4 processor takes the precise and fast signal processing for a convincingly detailed and realistic picture quality even in challenging shooting situations , such as a sunset or a light snow landscape in the winter holiday.

Intelligent IS

When shooting with high zoom power and camera shake in low light conditions often cause blurred images . Intelligent IS automatically adjusts the seven modes with corresponding optical Image Stabilizer to the scene - by reducing blur caused crisp, detailed images and movies, even at full zoom and low light .

7,5 cm (3 inches) LCD

Canon PowerShot SX160 The large, high quality LCD screen with wide viewing angle enables easy subject selection , effortless menu navigation and convenient testing and reproducing the recordings . Hints and Tips to help at any time in learning the different functions and therefore for getting better recording results.

Smart Auto ( 32 scenes )

In Intelligent Auto Mode (Smart Auto ) simply arise quality photos or movies. 32 variables ( 21 in movie situations ) are and selects the proper settings.

You Only Have To Point And Shoot The Subject .

Life in cling film - in brilliant HD resolution . HD movies and HDMI interface

The PowerShot SX160 superzoom camera is also recommended for recording situations where it must be a quality movie with stereo sound once . Through a special movie button leads directly without a moving subject to be missed by the image recording in movie mode for high-quality 720p HD movies with stereo sound. For convenient playback of very large format on a compatible HD TV cameras have both an HDMI -CEC port. After connecting the camera to an HD TV using a standard HDMI cable, you can enjoy your pictures and movies in brilliant picture and sound quality.

What I liked negative eye , time is expended for storing photos. Here patience is clearly required, because for a photo , the Canon takes noticeably long time to be ready for more pictures. Here is a faster processing would have been desirable . Also the display takes a little too long for my taste, to focus on the subject . Especially when zooming , it may happen that the image displayed is shown grieselig . Here, the camera requires a lot of time to display the photo sharp , sometimes it fails also , what is also evident in the pictures .

Nevertheless, the " Canon PowerShot SX160 IS Digital Camera " a very nice, powerful camera that is just highly recommended for beginners. The small weaknesses ( long processing time , gritty celled Display) of the many plus points ( Scene auto , zoom and image stabilizer) made ​​up for it , so it is fun to work with the camera. For families - and holiday photos, but also a little more challenging , more difficult designs the " Canon PowerShot SX160 IS Digital Camera " is quite appropriate. Who is searching for an affordable , high-quality and high-performance camera that can safely access .

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