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I realized that my wife had bought for the journalism school and had to have one. Do not do not take great pictures, Canon Powershot A1400 28mm Black surely the larger cameras, but not so far. I do not understand some critical comments as poor photos in low light conditions. I just got a set in a museum, which does not blink and were very good. As for the flash.

I counted 5 seconds to reload and take another picture. I think it's acceptable. With a Digital Camera, you need to see the life of the battery. Turn the LED display or better yet use the viewfinder and allow time for batteries or replacement batteries tecover all in all a great additional camera, all that some people might need.

When I open the camera and the Camera, I discovered that the lens cap is partially open and the camera was covered with dust , as the goal and inside the battery compartment / card cover, but when I stayed clean properly remove all powders . qualitéle seller is the seal of the box was not damaged , I will write to the printer, Canon USA. A noted above .


Versatile 16.0 Megapixel PowerShot A1400 offers ease of use, the better for photos. And excellent. HD movies every time closest ZoomPlus 10x ; framework in comfort. Using the optical viewfinder .

16.0 megapixels for great impressions. With high detail and easy trimming .
6.8 cm (2.7 " ) LCD screen and optical viewfinder for framing options are flexible.
28mm wide-angle 5x optical zoom lens for group shots or objective 10x with ZoomPlus .
Smart Auto (32 scenes) for point and shoot simplicity, the Help button provides instructions for beginners.
Button Movie HD Movies (720p) immediately catches the action in detail.
Number mode enables crisp and clear.
Face Detection System for the great photography.
Eco Mode for the appointment of energy conservation.
Fashion, fun and combined with Live View Control for easy distribution creativity

The details and subsequent implant with 16.0 megapixels.

Capture all the details of a genuine Canon lens 16.0 -megapixel image quality is excellent, ideal for printing large (A3 +) or creative cropping .

A simple frame of 6.7 cm (2.7 " ) LCD screen and optical viewfinder .

Canon Powershot A1400 The screen is bright and clear ( to 230K) help you compose and view images easily and put them with your friends happy optical viewfinder allows you to select a picture. up and useful. Especially when shooting in bright conditions .

Easily with the ultimate smart button and automatic aid .

Even a perfect start. It can easily capture high quality. O film chip automatically , which will examine the scene and selects the best configuration of 32 parameters , press AUTO to return immediately Intelligent Automated other mode , simply press the Help button for a quick and easy to follow instructions on the use and functions of the camera.

Do not miss the moment with HD movies instantly .

Instant film . The high HD ( 720p ) quality, simply by pressing the dedicated movie to this list gives you instant access . Movement. It does not. Need to put the camera in video mode, so you do not lose important moment of opportunity impulsive movement .


It allows Digital Cameras to detect. Movement and offset , offset blur and ensures sharp and clear images , which allows the device to detect the clever story and decided to use high ISO , or the image is to provide good results. more

Face Detection .

Face detection technology to help people better image detects up to 35 faces in a single frame. Make sure you are at home and with optimum brightness . Face Detection . White balance . To ensure a healthy , even unusual lighting .

In Eco mode.

Canon Powershot A1400 28mm Black With the Eco mode is activated , the camera will dim the screen after laps of time. No this is completely save battery power allows the camera to capture more of . Single charge.

Fashion and fun. Creative Control with Live View .

Experiment and have fun with a variety of creative effects such as fish-eye mode or super bright white Miniature Effect makes a scene in stills or movie look like a small form control experiment using Live View . Easily. The image parameters such as contrast and brightness , and preview the color in the frame, so you can capture the best picture .

The only drawback is . User. It can be downloaded . The Canon A1400 website - it may have been included with the camera instead of the book. Very often , which is only four pages in English and a lot of other cards and brochures.

However, even after the ' . Read the manual, I still have a bit ' of trouble finding a job is just the beginning and found it by accident .

I was struck by just me - I use the Camera on a project and it is quite easy to do. Change the settings while being able to even get on the screen, and the macro is wonderful. I am satisfied with the quality of the images of flowers and animals in the house again , but I still need to flash the battery supplied with the camera can see that when I started using . More powerful charger , my people are better at imaging .

Of Course It Will.

What I love about traveling is that AA batteries Yes, you need to buy batteries , but you do not have to carry the charger around ( and, of course , do not forget to charge the battery for you, as we all eventually do) only. two AA batteries and last a long time might 500-1000 ( no flash) Photos or so.

Canon Powershot A1400 28mm Black this unit and wow what a difference. I bought Camera + Canon 10 years and has never disappointed me , it is recommended to facilitate the purchase . The questions for those of us who just want to shoot. And a special Amazon offers free shipping . I suggest you buy. You will not be disappointed camera with this .

Canon Powershot A1400 28mm Black On Sale
Canon Powershot A1400 28mm Black
Canon Powershot A1400
Canon Powershot A1400 28mm

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