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Canon PowerShot SX500 Unique selling points of this device will be able to remain compact while the excellent blend created to zoom past a bridge near the size and price of the camera. Entry level DSLR, it means they are large and heavy, and the only real advantage is that the pockets of the increase of the lens is not necessary.

The optical zoom Canon PowerShot SX500 3.0-Inch has been preserved, but the size of the device that has been massively reduced, it is now closer to the small average size of the target with a large front ish quality. The zoom has not been reduced to - in fact, I dare say. Get updates In addition, optical zoom can be extended x120 X30 uses a digital zoom for the other devices I've used in the past, the digital zoom. It is also useful if you do not use traditional tripods, the two will blur the image too much or have a lot of noise.

To prove this PowerShot SX500, I braved the camera. The challenge is this: I will be able to. Take a photo of a standard format for text in a magazine (Zoo World, if you're interested!) In the light of four meters and a digital zoom X120 conditions? The answer is yes, with a little 'of sounds and colors have been slightly disturbed, but given the problems I was very impressed, I do not see the message on the page. To the naked eye!

Canon PowerShot SX500 As I said, the main strength of this device is the ability to remain small, while maintaining a zoom excellent, if a compromise, something had to be done to continue to be. is available on a budget camera is more important than the number of scene modes is relatively limited compared to other devices on the market right now, so if there is snow (which in the time of writing, I do), or fireworks' artifice. choice but to shoot in automatic mode, that said, this is not really a problem for most people is that this device is intended. In fact, I just tend. Change the settings and scene modes on the camera, DSLR camera, another automatically. It's good enough for the situation.

While the number of scene modes is rather limited, it is still possible to adjust many other parameters through the use of a full manual mode, shooting, and aperture priority. But you also never be forgiven for thinking that they are not the first glance that Canon PowerShot SX500 3.0-Inch has called for TV and AV mode, S and W.

PowerShot SX500 One last point I would mention is the battery, I have the 'unit in October 2012 and I used it on and off for the length of time (six months), I have to recharge the battery once and it was. 2 bars still showing much more impressive that the camera I just try to have a battery life of weeks, but are used more.

Product Description

Easy to use, ultra-portable 30x zoom camera is ideal for capturing all family occasions.


  • 30x zoom with 24 mm wide-mini - body with 60x Ultra Zoom ZoomPlus. 
  • 16 Megapixels for detailed images and poster-size prints. 
  • Optical image stabilization system that creativity is strong and the movie continues. 
  • Large 7.5 cm (3.0 ") LCD (460K), with tips and advice. 
  • Smart Auto detects 32 scenes (21 in movies) in a point and shoot simplicity. 
  • High-definition movies with ease (720p) with stereo sound film, zoom and HDMI button. 
  • Offer assistance to help research subjects in higher zoom. 
  • Fun Creative Filters including small and toy room. 
  • Expand your creative talents in manual shooting mode. 
  • Faced with a check for pictures of people. 

Compact design and advanced features 

PowerShot SX500 3.0-lnch IS 16 megapixel 30x zoom encloses a body of high-quality Mini Ultra Zoom, intuitive intelligence can take pictures and movies constantly, no matter how much you zoom in time to come. Smart Auto detects the shooting situation and automatically. Adjust the settings for the most suitable for the pleasure to shoot with creative effects filters that different modalities can add still images and movies instantly to explore the creative side of you and give you a picture. single

Powerful Zoom, is Smaller.

Economics holiday with his family to take a special day, an optical zoom, it's easy to capture every moment, even when you can not. It was close to the action that you want to use the experience of the design of the Canon lens is equipped with a newly developed wide-angle 30x optical zoom compact enough to enter the body of travel is 24 mm. friendly

To get closer to the subject ZoomPlus Canon 3.0-Inch digital technologies expand to 60x zoom lens to provide on-site support to assist with the use of access. Zoom allows you to magnify powerful full-press and move the subject before the zoom as you release the button to shoot.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this Canon PowerShot SX500 3.0-Inch  little device, so it can be the most versatile. It comes with the most options. And settings are available, but many people think that the most important thing on the quality of the image (and all cameras can understand immediately) is the ability to zoom and the majority of other features. It 's just nice to haves, so I can not find fault with the way it works and at the end of the day, if I am in a very specific use any type of situation. special features, I would not take what is, to all intents and purposes a budget.

I took it right out of the box and immediately SX500. The battery has been charged, I started taking pictures of close-ups and photos Bluebird 30X through my basement window without parameters the camera with the 'exception of the programming time, and time schedule ... Cars ... and pure. I was surprised by the quality of the photos I just Amazon that allowed me to download a couple of them to show that you do not need to be this kind of any expert or even photo-quality experience. simply amazing with this camera

For someone who is not a professional photographer, I see no reason to buy a Canon PowerShot SX500 3.0-Inch when you can get a point and shoot that has done a good job 30 zoom and 16MP is more than enough for the casual photographer the battery lasts up to about 200. 3 photos and a short video before adding, I just buy an extra battery.

Action So I will not lose any important pictures because of the camera's battery does not come with a lens cap that is attached to the camera with wire to prevent the loss, I was surprised to see that the cover does not say why. lens cap with this camera, I recommend this camera to anyone looking.Important and Free Shipping. Quality photos and videos with ease of use.

Canon PowerShot SX500 3.0-Inch Free Shipping
Canon PowerShot SX500
PowerShot SX500 3.0-Inch

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