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After I tried it with a digital camera from Nikon and Casio and with the result ( especially in areas with poor lighting conditions ) was only partially satisfied in the long run , I tried the " Canon PowerShot SX160 IS digital camera."

The camera comes with a camera arm sling , 2 batteries (which certainly has its advantages , because with my Nikon the supplied battery has not been particularly convincing and a spare battery can be quickly quite expensive ), a Hi-Speed ​​USB cable and the camera software on CD therefore . The Canon has a stable and high quality , fits comfortably in the hand and is succeeded by her design .

The work with the Canon PowerShot SX160 is very easy and self-explanatory. Shutter button and zoom are at the top right , as well as the dial to the various programs to control separately , the camera has to offer. Here also the auto setting provides good and convincing results so that beginners do not have to play around yourself which program is best suited to which situation . This Scene Auto is for me the plus points of the " Canon PowerShot SX160 IS digital camera." Since I do a lot of pictures at events , I rarely make the time in advance the appropriate setting , especially if the lighting conditions change . Therefore, it is very pleasant that the camera chooses the appropriate settings itself .

Very pleasant was the lightning that can be folded manually. In this way, at least this will not automatically activated, which can be quite annoying to other cameras in the long run .

The 16- times optical zoom is very good and makes itself at great distances still good , sharp images without blurring them. Here , the image stabilizer works perfectly. The zoom itself is not very loud and works great with no stuttering . Even in low light or at night can achieve good results .

A look at the manual PowerShot SX160 you should only risk as a complete beginner , people who have already worked with digital cameras will find their way quickly into the menu because most of it is self-explanatory. Here you will find a number of ways to influence the quality of the images. I have particularly fond of this fish-eye effect and monochrome options .

Product Description

Canon PowerShot SX160 quality and 16x super zoom: so simple that the whole family enjoys it .

  1. Canon 28mm wide- angle lens with 16x optical zoom in a compact body . 32x zoom with Zoom Plus
  2. 16 Megapixels for detailed shots and poster-size prints Photo
  3. Optical Image Stabilizer ( Image Stabilizer) with Intelligent IS for crisp photos and movies verwacklungsarme
  4. Large 7.5 cm (3.0 inch) LCD with hints and tips
  5. Simply point point and shoot : Smart Auto , the intelligent auto mode recognizes 32 shooting situations (21 situations in movie mode)
  6. Simply playing HD movies (720p ) record : with Stereotonton , movie button optical zoom and HDMI
  7. Creative shooting modes including Miniature and Toy Camera Effect
  8. Manual recording modes for full manual control
  9. iFrame movie (720p )
  10. Powered by AA batteries
  11. For the whole family

For those who like to take pictures absolutely straightforward , the compact PowerShot SX160 IS is recommended with an impressive 16x optical zoom . So the beautiful moments of life are held , even from a distance. Intelligent IS minimized with photos and movies even at full zoom the camera shake performance . Smart Auto , the intelligent auto mode , detects the shooting situation and automatically takes the best picture settings. Many interesting creative filters ensure the comfort of attractive images and movie clips with amazing effects .

Small Camera - Rich Zoom

Family holiday or special day , the Canon PowerShot SX160 IS is the perfect companion when it comes to excellent recordings beautiful moments. The immense power zoom predestined for the cameras to zoom in on distant subjects very close . The PowerShot SX160 IS is an affordable and easy -to-use camera with a new, specially designed lens. The 28 -millimeter wide-angle lens with 16x optical zoom makes the camera the ideal versatile super-zoom model for many snapshots - from group shots on children's birthdays , to close-ups of distant animals in the zoo.

Still get closer to your subject , it goes with the innovative Canon Zoom Plus technology, which extends the optical zoom digital. Zoom Plus the PowerShot SX160 IS achieves up to 32x zoom power .

Picture Perfect In The Perfect Moment

The Canon PowerShot SX160 IS offers many clever imaging technologies , a high performance potential for excellent , crystal - clear shots . Your new 16 megapixel sensor ensures impressive brilliant images with vibrant colors. The Canon DIGIC 4 processor takes the precise and fast signal processing for a convincingly detailed and realistic picture quality even in challenging shooting situations , such as a sunset or a light snow landscape in the winter holiday.

Intelligent IS

When shooting with high zoom power and camera shake in low light conditions often cause blurred images . Intelligent IS automatically adjusts the seven modes with corresponding optical Image Stabilizer to the scene - by reducing blur caused crisp, detailed images and movies, even at full zoom and low light .

7,5 cm (3 inches) LCD

Canon PowerShot SX160 The large, high quality LCD screen with wide viewing angle enables easy subject selection , effortless menu navigation and convenient testing and reproducing the recordings . Hints and Tips to help at any time in learning the different functions and therefore for getting better recording results.

Smart Auto ( 32 scenes )

In Intelligent Auto Mode (Smart Auto ) simply arise quality photos or movies. 32 variables ( 21 in movie situations ) are and selects the proper settings.

You Only Have To Point And Shoot The Subject .

Life in cling film - in brilliant HD resolution . HD movies and HDMI interface

The PowerShot SX160 superzoom camera is also recommended for recording situations where it must be a quality movie with stereo sound once . Through a special movie button leads directly without a moving subject to be missed by the image recording in movie mode for high-quality 720p HD movies with stereo sound. For convenient playback of very large format on a compatible HD TV cameras have both an HDMI -CEC port. After connecting the camera to an HD TV using a standard HDMI cable, you can enjoy your pictures and movies in brilliant picture and sound quality.

What I liked negative eye , time is expended for storing photos. Here patience is clearly required, because for a photo , the Canon takes noticeably long time to be ready for more pictures. Here is a faster processing would have been desirable . Also the display takes a little too long for my taste, to focus on the subject . Especially when zooming , it may happen that the image displayed is shown grieselig . Here, the camera requires a lot of time to display the photo sharp , sometimes it fails also , what is also evident in the pictures .

Nevertheless, the " Canon PowerShot SX160 IS Digital Camera " a very nice, powerful camera that is just highly recommended for beginners. The small weaknesses ( long processing time , gritty celled Display) of the many plus points ( Scene auto , zoom and image stabilizer) made ​​up for it , so it is fun to work with the camera. For families - and holiday photos, but also a little more challenging , more difficult designs the " Canon PowerShot SX160 IS Digital Camera " is quite appropriate. Who is searching for an affordable , high-quality and high-performance camera that can safely access .

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