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Canon PowerShot S120 is a pocket camera with a metal body and rubber thumb on the back of the tables. In the rest of the lens Control Ring allows. Quickly adjust zoom, aperture, shutter speed, focus or ISO - a key ring to select the touch screen of 3.0 inches is a good size with a resolution of 922K Points impressive, and it is ideal for. Choosing your focal point pop-up flash is activated, the switch on the side of the camera.

The Canon PowerShot S120 1080p top of the camera with the mode dial, the on / off button, zoom rocker and the shutter on the back, including the playback menu, and save the movie also D-pad with function keys / sets. intermediate wheel D-pad also allows access to exposure compensation, macro and flash exposure compensation when in the game to allow free Wi-Fi.

PowerShot S120 has an easy menu system - change image settings, press the Options softkey here, including white balance, metering mode and drive with the available options. Depending on which mode you are. The rest of the settings are available via the menu button.

Canon PowerShot S120 1080p Wi-Fi is easy to install, just put the disc and press the Wi-Fi network, just follow the instructions on the screen. Connect the camera to a camera phone or PC, for example, if you connect to a smartphone / tablet, be sure to install the free application before connecting.

The battery is rated at a disappointing 200 on the test set, we made a lot of pictures to test the response of the group is the first shot fired emphasis on speed and we take multiple shots and use. means to ensure that the tests are reliable and consistent, making it easier to compare with other devices.

Product Description

Canon PowerShot S120 digital compact camera with built in Wi-Fi is an advanced point and shoot camera 12.1-megapixel 1/1.7 "high-sensitivity CMOS and DIGIC image processing.'re Partners. In the Canon HS system, which improves image quality by reducing image noise, light rail and increase the overall contrast.

The processor has a range of activities related to radar and high-speed AF system for sharp images in a variety of treatments. Conditions shooting 5x optical zoom Canon 35 mm equivalent focal range of 24-120 mm wide-angle lens that covers the period from the point of view of the telescope lens.

PowerShot S120 1080p to monitor for viewing and menu navigation, 3.0-inch LCD screen, touch screen, large-scale installations to navigate with the touch screen interface is clear and easy to use display. How to control the camera with the touch AF, press the other specific ideal to take. Video recording

The size and weight of the RX100 in S120 is really no contest: S120-S120 I put in a pair of khaki pants and sit in a meeting or walk all day without worries RX100 curse felt too heavy, and c 'is a tube lens . great forward projection is annoying to get in and out of the pocket. S120 is a simple pocket camera I get.

The PowerShot S120 build quality wise nor feel like a finely crafted. S120 will remind you of the other point and shoot and ended up as something that I would have felt good about putting into a bag with the RX100 feels cameras. This kind of surgical instruments, some of which I mean that in the best - but I feel like laying on the desk of the damage. Office or can be completed in a very strange thing is S120 feels good in the hand and has a stature for some, but not bad RX100 feel less consistent, but in a sense, I feel like I'm past it was more than life. - It is just waiting for the opportunity to overthrow the guts S120 expected to hit small or in part without end tumbling.

Canon PowerShot S120 Costs - even if the money is not involved in most of the photography geek when it comes to "big picture" I do not understand why Sony is better than the "why" is in other parts of the review here, so I will not. enter, can not say I have a budget for the perfect shot and my $ 1000 and now I have $ 550 to spend on other things.

Software Canon PowerShot S120 - I left because I think this is where Canon is also a bias in what I suspect there is a difference in a new Rx -100 (M2), while perhaps not relevant. S120 user interface and fast RX -100 also very effective in comparison. A little 'slow (at least for me) I never felt like I did. Quickly to get the setting you want without forcing some customization is not seen or inconvenient to use, but the Sony, it was as if he beats me sometimes, when I change something then. find

I was very impressed with the starting price of PowerShot S120 is fairly high, and I have argued that S110 and save $ 100, but at the end. I decided that I would replace the use of my digital SLR camera in many situations, it is worth paying a little 'more for S120 compact sensor 1/1.7 "imaging speed F1.8 lens quickly. Features and the camera focuses on fire a digital SLR (such as RAW and selection of the ring) I was really hooked.

Canon PowerShot S120 S110 is the constant of last year with an opening slightly faster. Continuous shooting quicker and this high resolution screen might not be enough for groped the owner of the S110, but the movement of the stars have something unique and the results obtained. During the test, it is very impressive

PowerShot S120 there are some problems with the battery, which has a rating. Given a 200 photos and you might see a reduction when using Wi-Fi to share photos S120 also lacks GPS, but the battery life, you may need to avoid using anyway - you can use a chip. The phone instead of a GPS.

Overall, Canon PowerShot S120 1080p packs a lot of features. And small premium camera FREE Shipping and are happy to recommend.

Canon PowerShot S120 1080p
PowerShot S120 1080p
PowerShot S120


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