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This PowerShot A2300 me to serve primarily as an everyday companion in the handbag when I my older PowerShot SX 210 does not want to take . To make comparisons between the two models here would be pointless , however , because they simply belong to different price categories. Nevertheless, this handy A2300 offers many opportunities , which I am already aware of the SX 210 and what I find really impressive for a camera in this price range!

The A2300 is very small with about 125 grams extremely lightweight. Nevertheless, it fits comfortably in the hand. For larger ( men's ) hands , they could perhaps be a little too small because you are at a fast trigger finger over the flash or on the lens. The menu is typical Canon , simple and easy to understand.

The speed is very good for a Camera of this price range and therefore is ideal for quick snapshots . In addition, this camera has , as already mentioned truly astonishing number of functions and settings , as I know from my PowerShot SX 210. Manual modification of the ISO value, shutter speed , or the correction of brightness , face detection and gadgets with different color filters , fish-eye or miniature effects .
Plenty of options to be creative with this camera. Default settings such as continuous shooting or self-timer are also included.

Especially for beginners I find the Help button on the back of the camera is very , very useful. Simply press on it and a short description of the setting and the various menu items are displayed . So you have a little instructions there almost always .

Indoors and in situations with very little light , the camera gets unfortunately problems quickly and stands with its 16 megapixels , even in a little way . This overwhelm the camera too fast . It lacks especially the optical image stabilizer . Without flash , the images are grainy or out of focus quickly and also the additional menu items " Low Light " or " long exposure " can help a little since . Also zoom in on these problems occur quickly , because you have to hold the hand already extremely quiet, which is of course difficult to wind and cold.

Problems has also prepared me focus . One can , as far as I 've found that does not focus on this camera in program mode itself, but relies on the Auto Focus. Even the place that was focused loud display is sharp on the image later is not 100% .

Distinctive structures and surfaces such as Denim or skin simply can not be correctly detected even in macro mode. In very close inspection is always a kind of veil over the image.

This Canon PowerShot A2300 HD camera is intended mainly for snapshots and to offer sound quality for small money. And that's what it does. In good to normal lighting situations it is a reliable companion for holiday pictures for example , if they are to be printed later, not necessarily in poster size.

Product Description

PowerShot A2300 : Getting started is easy

Incredibly versatile , chic and comfortable to handle: The PowerShot A2300 is't a recommendation for photo newbies. Excellent Canon lens technology, a super- compact, elegant design and innovative features make taking pictures and HD video a breeze.

Sometimes It Needs To Be Movie
Like all new PowerShot A cameras is the Canon PowerShot A2300 with a high quality Canon lens , 16.0 megapixel sensor , DIGIC 4 processor , Canon innovative technology and features many comfortable features - the best basis for so detailed, sharp images with excellent quality.

The PowerShot A2300 proves visually Send with your compact camera body with metal front style and class with her every style-conscious consumers stand out from the crowd. The use of a lithium -ion battery keeps the body slim and compact.

An all-round first-class quality Canon

The existing in the PowerShot A2300 28- mm wide- angle zoom lens is ideal for group shots or panoramic landscapes . With 5X optical zoom and then it goes really get close to your subject .

Of course, the better lens performance is a powerful , effective image stabilization which compensates for camera shake and delivers crisp, sharp images . The PowerShot A2300 IS has a digital mode that detects motion and composed several pictures to create a unique image wobbled .

Quite simply brilliant images

For all : Canon prime comfort

The first steps of a baby or the Wedding Kiss : some really precious moments in life you hold tight like in the movie. For this , the PowerShot A2300 a mode for 720p HD movies , which can be instantly activated via a special movie button . Not a great design is missed more .

Scene point and shoot : Per AUTO button is activated from any shooting mode and Intelligent Auto Smart Auto mode .

Smart car a possible 32 and automatically selects the correct Camera settings. You can experiment with the various shooting modes in peace and security has , at any time to make good shots.

Face Detection - Technology

Face Detection Technology makes for great people shots . Detects faces in a scene to automatically optimize sharpness and brightness for a natural reproduction .

Especially for newcomers to digital photography, the Help button is ideal. Easy to understand explanations of camera functions and recording modes appear at your fingertips. Specific shooting situations have very specific requirements - also for the Canon PowerShot A2300 is equipped very well . In order not to disturb the environment or when a flash operation is not allowed , the discrete mode is recommended , are activated in the camera sound and flash.
The Creative perfectly matching modes

Photo experiments with the camera a breeze. Six creative modes on fingertips : Fish-eye Effect , Miniature Effect , Super Vivid , Poster Effect , Toy Camera Effect and Monochrome invite you to explore creative shots and give a very individual character.

Monochrome example, makes for impressive, atmospheric portrait and landscape images in black and white , sepia or blue tones , fish-eye effect is a subject with an unusual , intriguing perspective distortion and poster effect adds to the image a retro look .

Inexpensive Canon PowerShot A2300 What I like is that it is ultra compact and that I could take it in my purse without cluttering me. It is an unassuming device that is easy to use ... Provide protective case. Delivery

For it is quite a few demands on image quality, so you'll quickly get to know the weaknesses of this camera. Although I myself do not have the direct comparison , so I would advise all prospective buyers ore successor to PowerShot A3400 IS. This has a 3.5 stages Intelligent IS optical image stabilizer , which for the image quality can only be beneficial and a good .

In addition, the Amazon also offers free shipping. I was very impressed. I recommend a good product.

  Inexpensive Canon PowerShot A2300



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