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User Time Canon compact camera has a new favorite of A2500 ...

Canon PowerShot A2500 did not stop to take a picture , but rather specializes in the management and video files , it is capable of producing 720p HD to one of the press. Think about this camera is the inclusion of the video, there is no need stories for each type of control , but you get the video back to a single button. And the rest . It's history.

PowerShot A2500 16MP combines ease of use and quality with Canon . It has a stylish design in a compact mode , Smart Auto and Help button for anyone to create beautiful photos and HD movies with ease.

Product Description:

  • 16 megapixels for large, detailed prints and cropping easy.
  • 5 × 28mm wide optical zoom for photos , groups, or the close-up , 10 × with Zoom Plus .
  • LCD 6.8 cm ( 2.7 inch) for easy viewing and sharing.
  • Button video capture HD video (720p ) any action immediately.
  • Smart Auto ( 32 scenes ) for the single photograph and shoot ; Help the Help button to start the slideshow.
  • Mode digital image stabilization for clear, crisp images every time .
  • Face Detection system for portraits pending.
  • Live View Control for easy distribution .
  • Economic mode to fire shots in each battery.
  • The fun and creativity : Miniature , Fisheye and Toy Camera .

16 Million Pixels .

Capture every detail of Canon lens , 16 megapixel sensor for exceptional image quality , perfect . For prints or creative cropping pattern size ( A3 + ) .

28 mm wide-angle zoom 5 × objective , 10 × Zoom Plus .

Expanded through a 28 mm wide angle for photos. Breathtaking landscapes and group photos with a 5 × optical zoom only for close-ups of distant subjects , even very close ZoomPlus × 10: This technology provides. Best zoom level of detail and accuracy than conventional digital zoom

LCD 6.8 cm ( 2.7 inch) .

Large bright screen ( 230,000 dots ) lets you compose and view images with ease - sharing images a pleasure.

Video HD Movies (720p ) With Buttons.

Instant video recording HD ( 720p ) quality, simply by pressing the dedicated video record .

The Smart Auto Mode And Touch .

Canon Powershot A2500 2.7 Inch Shooting at high quality . Easily with Smart Auto, which detects the type of scene and automatically selects the most appropriate of 32 variables , and thanks to the car , forced to return to Auto mode, Smart in other modes. at the touch of the key ways to quickly find simple instructions on how to use the camera and its functions .

The intelligent image stabilization for precise results and constants.

The image stabilization and smart blur correction ensures sharp, detailed images detects movement of the Camera and using a complex Antiblur automatically provide the best results.

With Face Detection .

Face Detection Technology , which allows for portraits The camera detects up to 35 faces in a single frame and optimization. The focus and brightness for each of them . Face detection, white balance. To ensure that the natural skin tones , even in unusual light .

Live View Control .

Live View Controller. Allows you to experiment with different settings such as brightness, and the intensity of the color samples in the frame to get the shot you want .

Impact Of Fun And Creativity .

Have fun with a variety of creative forms such as fisheye effect , Super Vivid and Monochrome results Filter by miniature , Photos and videos to look like a small form .

Economic Mode .

Power Save mode reduces battery consumption which will allow you to shoot more .

This is a great Powershot A2500 2.7 Inch for the price. I recommend it to everyone, especially those who are ready to deploy something to make a better photo. But they are not willing to spend a lot of money. I'm glad I bought this camera and I'm happy because I think they actually use it more than I thought! Fast and Free Shipping by Amazon was also greatly appreciated. I love it

Canon Powershot A2500 2.7 Inch Low Priced
Canon Powershot A2500
Powershot A2500 2.7 Inch
Canon Powershot A2500 2.7 Inch

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