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After Purchased to replace the aging Panasonic TZ5 TZ30 My partner has decided to extend their trip and to decrease during treatment. Your Canon PowerShot SX260HS - we both use Nikon DSLR ( D90 and D3100 ) , the main camera of us , I took an enthusiastic interest in Canon SX260HS for fear that I made ​​the right choice for this . This is the TZ30 , but focuses on the Canon .

For me, the most important issue is the quality of the image, the more exotic features , but both cameras are in the same price range, there are a number of similar pixels 20x zoom with stabilization and cost about £ 220 , is the the main difference is that Canon slightly larger and heavier (30g and deep, heavy) is , the touch screen does not have a Camera HDR or a support 3 - D - none of these are the tiebreakers for us, but the image quality is not is poor or Canon or Panasonic has supported RAW both cameras have a variety of models, including the burst mode of 10 frames per second, which is the first image is a difference that in this mode , the Canon is closed, the display LCD is difficult.

SX260 is extremely portable and easy to use . Quick commissioning zoom / stabilization and excellent image remains clear image quality Canon zoom produces a much better and acceptable size of the camera, although the £ 200 mark more have the right to expect. A better camera SX260 basic principles of treatment arose in a camera of this type as an ISO standard clearly - I just .

You can say that . You . No worse or better than our total TZ30 , but given the size of the camera is nice and clear, in normal operation , the ISO sensitivity (up to 800) , although I can not speak my mind, it is not. better or worse than the TZ30 - both produce good quality output , to make the difference between 2MPSX260 and TZ30 a difference in practice a conclusion , I think that most people buy the ' HX260 will accept. A digital SLR will be very satisfied with the results .

Canon Powershot SX260 HS sport flash pop -up, which I think is very useful in a camera of this size , the fact that when the flash seems that you are cloaking your fingers are discouraged - . Too easy to do in a small box . Despite the protection of the red box , small eyes , this is able to produce a red eye - the TZ30 is the tool up to the camera to work to deal with it , although it is a pity that there is no RAW mode, because the contrast of the image shows. The camera needs to do the soundtrack for the film is also good , clear and crisp on SX260 - free , jitter, and you can zoom while recording.

In terms of ergonomics, etc. Powershot SX260 excellent - easy to use automatic " intelligent " most of the time, but there are a lot of options. Preset mode or manually select a simple way on the dial and / or transparent LCD on the SX260 could be better - it is sufficient that the camera 460K , but many races ( such as Sony ) offered at the time . This second little fact that the non-touch screen , integrated GPS and to forgive and found a solution very quickly, although in common with other cameras , this is indeed the battery. Drain quickly. The batteries are removed. Camera battery charger for charging the device to which bucked the trend with charger connected to the camera .


Powerful, compact super -zoom with GPS and Full HD movies .

PowerShot SX260HS is slim and compact , but has an impressive 20x optical zoom Canon's packed with features that you will acquire good measure of low-power GPS coding for images. She is best camera PowerShot SX260HS for fans . Adventure of the Canon HS System and Intelligent gives the images are crisp, clear and vivid light conditions , while Full HD movies you can catch all the action in detail. Buckle.

Included .

  • 25 mm wide-angle 20x optical zoom, 39x filed plus.
  • Optical image stabilization and intelligent.
  • 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor with high sensitivity.
  • Canon HS System with DIGIC 5 processor for excellent low light performance .
  • Low power consumption GPS tags your photos and login. Their trip .
  • Advanced Features Full HD ( 1080p) and HDMI - CEC .
  • Large 7.5 cm ( 3.0 ") PureColor II G LCD ( 460K dots).
  • Smart Auto with Scene Detection for Advanced . Excellent results in 58 different situations.
  • ID can recognize faces and focus on your family and friends.
  • Instructions for use , and TV to AV mode control . Creativity complete .
  • High-speed shooting functions , including high -speed continuous shooting , HQ, movie, movies, Night and Super handheld slow.
  • Movie Digest records to create a bonus movie , four seconds before every shot.
The High-Speed Shooting .

High sensitivity CMOS sensor also has the capability of excellent high speed that delivers excellent performance in a number of situations to shoot.

Speed ​​Burst HQ .

In high-speed burst mode with HQ PowerShot SX260HS up to 10 full resolution images at a rate of 10.3 frames per second , so if you shoot sports or events. Every day. On The Move, you will not miss a moment of the action.

Super Slow Motion Movie .

Mode , Slow Motion Movie capture fast-moving subjects super slow video resolution QVGA staggering 240 frames per second ( VGA resolution at 120 fps) - which can then be played back at normal speed for the results. beautiful slow movement, which is responsible for the ' analysis . Golf swing on a bird in flight or just for a bit ' of fun that comes with the software. The Camera supports multi-speed playback . Here you can view your images on both the speed or slow motion.

Handheld Night Scene .

Handheld Night Scene mode , you can capture footage night details in this mode , the camera uses continuous high speed and then combines the image data in a single image, so as to ensure that the best exposure . possible with this amount . Minor amount of blur - perfect for handheld shots at night.

Take Everything With The Movie Digest.

Unique room with Canon , the film also helps with HD quality (720p ) quality films that tell a story . Behind the pictures that you have taken that day were captured images every 4 seconds above will be automatically saved as a video clip - this will show automatically in the perfect video to be harvested. the highlight of the day.

If you are looking for quality zoom compact travel , I'd be surprised if you are disappointed with the Canon Powershot SX260 HS - it is certainly a very good camera , but just check out the competition from Sony, Nikon and Panasonic with you. Ingredients . Various Features / Strengths - I think it's a good chance that you will SX260HS Recommendations .

Canon Powershot SX260 HS 12.1 Display
Canon Powershot SX260 HS
Canon Powershot SX260
Powershot SX260 HS

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